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WE OPEN INNOVATION” community is dedicated to spreading the word about open innovation. We believe that this practice is far from established in today’s world and it is time to enable companies to innovate better and faster, facilitate ideas and knowledge sharing across industries.

WE OPEN INNOVATION” is a community created by ideXlab, a start-up company specialized in open innovation that helps companies , small or big , find the best experts from anywhere in the world, regardless of industry.  Using an ultra-performant search engine platform, ideXlab is able to provide solutions to the technical, scientific or marketing challenges that companies are facing.

As “WE OPEN INNOVATION” community, we encourage a culture of active participation. Have a comment, a question, an idea or just something more to add? Sign up and contribute with us.

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Our super powers come from the strong team with year of experiences in different domains:

The forefathers 

Jean-Louis Liévin, CEO, who has 20 years of executive experience in Telecommunications companies and was the Director of Research and Innovation for BT.

Contact:jl  / /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

Pierre Bonnard, CTO, has worked for over 20 years in R&D business units in the Software, Telecommunication and Information Processing fields.

Contact:pierre / /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

The muscle behind the scene

Nouha Omrane, Research and Development Engineer, is a PhD holder in Computing and Knowledge Engineering with a core interests in data mining and processing.  Prior to working for ideXlab, she has been involved in a number of EU, industrial and international projects.

Contact: nouha / /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

Amir Laïs, Developer, has a Master degree in Computing and Embedded Systems with core interests in data processing and system architecture for the intermediation platform applied to Open Innovation.

Contact: amir/ /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

Rabih Yakhni, Software Developer, is a BA holder in ICT from the Saida University (Liban) and is working towards an Engineering degree at ISEN in Brest. He is in charge of the web design and workflow applications for the ideXlab platforms.

Contact: rabih/ /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

Florent Bories, Research and Innovation, is a final year student from Mines ParisTech pursuing a Master’s Degree in Executive Engineering. He has studied the C-K design theory and is working on integrating it into the ideXlab platform.

Contact: florent / /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn

Kellyjoy kiambatih, communications, has a BA in international business and Marketing. She formally worked in telecommunication in strategy and innovation. She is highly passionate about start-ups especially in technology.

Contact:kellyjoy / /@ ideXlab / / LinkedIn



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