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[Videos] What you need to know about ideXlab’s Open Innovation platform

  ideXlab: a worldwide Open Innovation platform providing multiple services   Using an Open Innovation platform can improve your technology intelligence and accelerate innovation within your company by offering access to the right experts and knowledge at any time. ideXlab provides as a multi-service platform the opportunity to leverage the scientific community. On ideXlab’s platform […]

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[White Paper] 8 crucial dimensions of participative innovation you should know and master

  Participative innovation: a powerful lever for value creation   Marking a break with « Closed Innovation » and its long gone paradigm that enabled the multinational companies to internalise their R&D resources and establish their technological supremacy, Open Innovation revolves around a new type of process for companies. To face today’s professional environment’s metamorphosis, […]

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[Ebook] The crucial concept of co-development for Open Innovation

  Many companies have evolved from a closed-innovation model to Open Innovation, and have made the most of their networks to satisfy their need for innovation. Is collective knowledge a prerequisite for Open Innovation today? Let’s discover the concept of co-development! Co-development, from the idea of the product to its production   Co-development is inseparable […]

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[White Paper] Open innovation in business: incompatible with Intellectual Property?

  In an economy of knowledge, it seems essential to be able to protect our industrial properties. Intellectual Property titles are the key for a company’s development and constitute a shield in case of industrial conflict. On the other hand Open Innovation seems to rely on a sharing and exchange, which threatens the company’s safety… […]