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[White Paper] 8 crucial dimensions of participative innovation you should know and master

  Participative innovation: a powerful lever for value creation   Marking a break with « Closed Innovation » and its long gone paradigm that enabled the multinational companies to internalise their R&D resources and establish their technological supremacy, Open Innovation revolves around a new type of process for companies. To face today’s professional environment’s metamorphosis, […]

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[Ebook] The crucial concept of co-development for Open Innovation

  Many companies have evolved from a closed-innovation model to Open Innovation, and have made the most of their networks to satisfy their need for innovation. Is collective knowledge a prerequisite for Open Innovation today? Let’s discover the concept of co-development! Co-development, from the idea of the product to its production   Co-development is inseparable […]

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[White Paper] Open innovation in business: incompatible with Intellectual Property?

  In an economy of knowledge, it seems essential to be able to protect our industrial properties. Intellectual Property titles are the key for a company’s development and constitute a shield in case of industrial conflict. On the other hand Open Innovation seems to rely on a sharing and exchange, which threatens the company’s safety… […]