Our Open Innovation Platform

Open Innovation Platform

Our technology analyzes large volumes of data from multiple sources to address the most complex and diverse scientific or technological issues. This information is easily accessible via our user-friendly open innovation platform or can be integrated into your system.

The result : we have invented an innovation platform to contribute to the digital transformation of companies and facilitate their innovation management.

Our algorithms, designed for innovation, allow you to get to the essentials quickly, while leaving you in control. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are at your service!
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Data sources
Our data sources - technical, scientific, patent, company, etc. - are chosen for their quality: peer-reviewed publications, validation or curation processes, etc. Some customers also entrust us with theirs!
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We offer you different use cases of Open Innovation. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you and let yourself be guided. Until concrete results are achieved: solutions, partnerships, technology transfers, etc.
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Web interface
We have designed an interface with our clients that allows you to address complex problems with very little learning. A concern? Our online academy and online assistance are there to help you instantly.
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How to make participatory innovation by calling on external competencies?

We had to invent an open innovation platform that presents the openness of a social network and at the same time takes into account intellectual property. It was also necessary to make this platform available to all companies, including the smallest, but at the same time to detect experts, startups and all sorts of cutting-edge competencies!

A collaborative platform set up to facilitate innovation management 

Scanning hundreds of millions of documents (scientific publications, patents, company and startup descriptions), our platform provides access to external competencies through well-structured steps. These steps, dedicated to innovation, allow to pilot a digital transformation through KPIs that measure the rise in competency of individuals and teams.

How to set up a collaborative platform dedicated to innovation?

The implementation must be progressive and respect constraints such as intellectual property or company culture. Participatory innovation opens up a cultural transformation of companies. Our innovation platform is intended to become a social network between large industrial groups, start-ups, experts and innovative SMEs, but without skipping any steps.