Doing Disruptive Innovation with ideXlab platform - Examples
Building alternatives to products and services to identify breakthrough opportunities                                        

Disruptive Innovation

What is it ?

Many companies dream of introducing a disruptive innovation into their market in order to improve their competitiveness. Disruptive innovation opposes incremental innovation by introducing a discontinuity – technological, business model, customer approach, cost – which ultimately creates a new market and renders obsolete families of existing solutions.

Disruptive innovation lightning illustration

Why the ideXlab platform

Identifying a disruptive innovation is not decreed. But it is however possible to square the options that could lead to it using the ideXlab platform.

To do this, we must engage in a mapping of new concepts of products or services that may appear on the market and lead to a disruptive innovation. This work starts from the definition of the object (product or service for example) as it is today, to move away from it gradually and systematically, to finally validate or invalidate some of these tracks.

The ideXlab platform allows you to quickly engage in this systematic exploration of the attributes of the object. Through, in particular, suggestions offered by the search engine, users will identify tracks of new concepts to explore. The disruptive innovation, if it exists, lies in these new tracks.

Exploration of the present or future feasibility of these new concepts is done through new queries on the platform to validate or invalidate certain tracks. Disruptive innovation tracks are stored and illustrated in the platform’s ‘biblio space’.

Exploration also requires a diversified working group to avoid premature rejections of disruptive innovation tracks before they have even been explored. To do this, the sharing and collaborative work tools of the ideXlab platform are particularly useful.

Finally, the platform makes it possible to identify the organizations or individuals that could be solicited either to complete the feasibility, or even to start a first proof of concept to deepen the priority tracks identified for disruptive innovation. The platform will facilitate the detection and then put in contact with these organizations or individuals while allowing, if necessary, to preserve the anonymity of the parties and to keep a traceability of exchanges.

Examples and to go further

The platform has shown its value in many cases that require explorations that can lead to a disruptive innovation. Case studies are available and can be downloaded from our resource center.