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Our platform helps companies to innovate faster and better

The ideXlab platform allows enterprises and experts to find each other, build partnerships and innovate together.

ideXlab has been created to help companies accelerate their transition towards a world where innovation comes from everywhere.

Finding latest scientific – technical developments, key patents and most relevant ecosystem     

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Refining and specifying a question, addressing it to the most relevant experts     

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Identifying new applications for a technology and engaging with the most relevant companies  

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since our platform is online, on subjects ranging from energy to biosynthesis, complex systems to social sciences.  Bread crispness and ab initio simulation projects on the same day !
have been automatically identified by our learning algorithms among an estimated pool of about 10 million. We wait for the remaining ones to join the club soon…
is the average time it takes for the interested experts to respond to a solicitation, should it be a technical question, a collaboration opportunity or simply an opinion.
is the average response rate from experts as we make sure we do not waste anyone’s time, protect mutual intellectual property rights and only make contact when there is a real opportunity !

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