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Tech Transfer & Commercialisation

What is it ?

At the heart of the concepts of Open Innovation is technology transfer or valorization of research. Technology transfer is the process allowing to use a technology for a new application, a new product, or a new service. Technology transfer therefore allows to adds value, to commercialize a technology, whether new or already known, from the developer of this technology to the future users of this technology.

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Why the ideXlab platform

The goal of technology transfer for the technology’s developer is to make it profitable, to amortize the cost of its development. The user of the technology will benefit by bringing innovation to the market. To create the conditions for a technology transfer, one must understand the actual or potential benefits of this technology.

ideXlab’s platform allows, thanks to its exploration engine, to identify potential candidate applications for technology transfer. This identification is based on the inventory of the benefits provided by the technology: improvement of performance, cost reduction, easy implementation, etc. Potential applications are those that will benefit from one or more of these advantages.

Once potential applications are identified, the platform is used to identify target business fields and companies for technology transfer: those who can take advantage of the benefits of the new technology. The economic conditions for technology transfer may be based on (i) the comparative advantage that has been removed and (ii) the size of the market thus accessible.

The platform is also used to contact identified companies in order to validate the foreseen interest. At this stage, the efficiency of the linking enabled by the platform is key to enable rapid validation and prioritization of the different technology transfer paths identified. This step is sometimes preceded by a validation step through academic experts who help better articulate the potential benefit of the technology placed in a new context.

Examples and to go further

The platform has shown its value in many cases of technology transfer. Case studies are available and can be downloaded from our resource center.