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Technology Insourcing

What is it ?

All technology user companies are constantly hearing about new technologies – buzz words -. In their time, SaaS, the Cloud, additive manufacturing, blockchain or deep learning made the “buzz”. Should these technologies be insourced (or imported), how can their adoption become a competitive advantage? The non-adoption, the fact of not insourcing the technology into the company, is it a threat?

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Why the ideXlab platform

The ideXlab platform allows, thanks to its exploration engine, to better understand the interest or not of a technology insourcing. First by looking at whether it is already adopted in the business area of ​​the business, or related fields. The scientific or the patent databases are very precious for this first investigation. As the ideXlab technology provides access to constantly updated information, this exploration will be reliable and efficient.

Secondly, if the technology is not used or the value of using it is unclear, it is important to identify the reasons that might justify the technology insourcing.

This identification is based on the identification of the benefits provided by this candidate technology: new features, improved performance, reduced costs, etc. and identification of benefits for the company’s products or services. The benefits will be easily identified – notably by the platform’s suggestion engine -.

Finally, the platform makes it possible to identify the ecosystems and experts that could be called upon either to complete the study of the state of the art, or in the context of the technology insourcing if it has been decided. It is these experts, who can be individuals (such as researchers and academics) or companies (large, start-ups, SMEs), who will be asked to offer to contribute to the technology insourcing. The platform will facilitate the detection then the connection while allowing, if necessary, to preserve the anonymity of the parties and to keep a traceability of the exchanges.

The platform also makes it possible to automate the production of a report on the technology insourcing which makes it possible to keep a traceability of the carried out researches and perhaps to update them a year later.

Examples and to go further

The platform has shown its value in many cases of technology insourcing. Case studies are available and can be downloaded from our resource center.