our platform

Our Platform

What is it for ?

State-of-the-art, Technology landscaping

Find the information you need

Explore with a simple interface even the most recent scientific and technological knowledge by accessing reliable databases.

Organise and share your results

Structure knowledge for better use. Share to better co-innovate. The platform helps you reduce complexity.

Problem Solving

Formulate your question

Articulating a question well is an art. The platform helps you master it

Send it to real experts

They have the skills you lack. They’ll save you invaluable time. Find them and contact them through the platform.

Technology Transfer & Commercialisation

Identify unmet needs

Find out who needs your solutions and expertise. The platform allows you to identify new applications and the sectors that need them.

Contact the companies that are looking for you

From identification to contact, simplify and accelerate your approach campaign thanks to the platform.

How does the platform work ?

Our technology analyzes huge volume of data from multiple sources to address the most complex and diverse scientific or technological issues. This information is easily accessible via our user-friendly web platform.

Web interface

We have designed an interface with our clients that allows you to address complex problems with very little learning.
A concern ? Our online academy and online assistance are there to help you instantly.


We offer you different cases of using open innovation. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you and let yourself be guided. Getting concrete results: fresh ideas, solutions, partnerships, technology transfers, etc.

Data sources

Our data sources - technical, scientific, patent, company, etc. - are chosen for their quality: peer-reviewed publications, validation or curation processes, etc. Some customers also entrust us with theirs!


Our algorithms, designed for innovation, allow you to get to the essentials quickly, while leaving you in control. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are at your service!