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  • Participatory Action Research
    Journal of Consumer Research, 2008
    Co-Authors: Julie L. Ozanne, Bige Saatcioglu

    The goal of improving consumer welfare can subtly or dramatically shape the Research process, the methods used, and the theories developed. This article introduces the participatory Action Research paradigm, which is based upon the goal of helping people and employs methodologies that are different from traditional consumer Research. Exemplars of Action Research are analyzed to reveal applications for Researchers who want to engage in transformative consumer Research. The obstacles and opportunities for doing Action Research are examined.

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  • Evolution of the Action Research Planners: Towards Critical Participatory Action Research
    Education in an Era of Schooling, 2018
    Co-Authors: Robin Mctaggart, Rhonda Nixon

    This chapter is an account of the changing educational ideas, institutional work and collegial relationships in almost four decades of work in critical participatory Action Research. The focus is the historical context or back story of the evolution of the series of ‘Action Research planners’ (and related publications), the current version of which was written by Stephen Kemmis, Robin McTaggart and Rhonda Nixon and published by Springer in 2014 as The Action Research Planner: Doing Critical Participatory Action Research. The back story depicts the conditions that influenced the series of planners including those in university and school systems, as well as the expansion of the university sector, changes in Research methodology, evaluation and accountability, and emergent concerns about the relationship between Research, democracy and social justice. Different forms of Action Research emerged in areas of social practice, cultures, languages and traditions, together with convergence, contestation, and co-option of the ideas of Action Research. Critique of these practices generated more definitive accounts of participation, practice and practice architectures and the role of public spheres. The resultant critical participatory Action Research helped to bring new discipline and credibility to everyday reflection and Action. The chapter explores the ideas of the most recent Planner in a major project in Canada.

  • the concept of Action Research
    The Learning Organization, 2002
    Co-Authors: Herbert Altrichter, Robin Mctaggart, Stephen Kemmis, Ortrun Zuberskerritt

    Action Research has been recognised for its breadth as a field of Research practice and its depth as a discourse of theoretical insight. It does not have one neat, widely accepted definition. Points to some reasons for the difficulty of formulating a generally accepted definition of Action Research, and argues why Action Research should not be confined but should be both clarified for communication and open for development. The discussion stems from a working definition developed with participants in an international symposium that serves as a classic definition of Action Research. Presents several alternative approaches to resolution and argues for a judicious mix of pragmatism and flexibility in approaching the definition issue.

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