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Li Ping – 1st expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • academic influence analysis on serial journals of library Science information Science and Archive Science of selected information from periodical and newspaper
    Information Sciences, 2009
    Co-Authors: Li Ping


    The Object of the paper is serial journals of library Science,information Science and Archive Science of selected information from periodical and newspaper of RUC.The data base is the articles embodied by CSSCI.The paper analyzes and evaluates the academic influence and effect of these serial journals based on the impact factor and the amount of cited high articles reprinted in these Serial Journals.

Luo Li – 2nd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Subject Knowledge Diffusion Based on the Citation Relationship of Journals——A Case study on Library,Information and Archives Science of China
    Information Sciences, 2012
    Co-Authors: Luo Li


    Based reviewing the concept,related researches and applications of knowledge diffusion,the paper expounded discipline knowledge diffusion breadth,strength and speed indexes such as connotation and calculation methods through the journal citation relations.And gave the formulas of the three indexes including their relationships.Finally,there is a case study on the library,information,Archive Science,it carried out an empirical research on the diffusion breadth,diffusion intensity and diffusion speed of the library,information and Archive Science knowledge.It is showed in this paper that Journal Knowledge Diffusion Index is an important tool can be widely applied in scientific research evaluation,industry and technology innovation research fields and so on.

Li Zhong-y – 3rd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Preliminary Exploration for the Major Construction of Archive Science in Guizhou Colleges and Universities
    Journal of Guizhou Normal College, 2014
    Co-Authors: Li Zhong-y


    In view of the development of Guizhou archival undertaking and specific characteristics of minority nationality area,it is very urgent to train professionals in Archive management,and it is also a great necessity to establish Archive Science major in colleges and universities in Guizhou and to train a batch of professionals.Combining the system construction of undergraduate courses in Archive management with teaching staffs and practical teaching,this article undertakes a preliminary analysis in current major construction of Archive Science in Guizhou colleges and universities.Besides,it tentatively explores the development direction in completing construction of teaching team,training young teachers,completing practical teaching and carrying out reform on education.