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  • Publishing Exchange 2007
    Integrating ISA Server 2006 with Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2008
    Co-Authors: Fergus Strachan


    The main advantages of Exchange Server 2007 are in high availability and scalability. However, these features are less visible to finance directors and therefore harder to sell. One aspect of that hard sell is that one may find himself or herself spending more time configuring one’s new Exchange environment to suit one’s needs. This is particularly true when it comes to security and publishing Exchange to the Web. Two particular aspects of Exchange 2007 need special attention, and therefore more planning and implementation time: Certificate infrastructure and the Autodiscover Service. Subject alternative name (SAN) certificates can validate traffic against a server with not just one fully qualified domain name (FQDN) but many, using the same certificate. This has great advantages in some applications since they enable one to hold encrypted conversations for multiple domain names using the same server and IP address. The Autodiscover Service works much internally and one can run an Exchange environment without knowing too much about it. This chapter discusses the Autodiscover Service that introduces a number of variables when designing an infrastructure, and there are many ways to get the same result. The chapter is concerned primarily with ISA Server 2006, Exchange Web Services (including the Autodiscover Service), and certificate security.

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