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H Lakshmikantha – 1st expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • report on waste dump sites around Bangalore
    Waste Management, 2006
    Co-Authors: H Lakshmikantha


    The present work aims at identifying, locating and quantifying the industrial and domestic waste dump sites located in and around Bangalore urban and rural districts of Karnataka state, India. Bangalore has a population of 6 million and has more than 2000 industries working at various industrial estates and other locations around the city. It was reported that about 1500 tons of municipal waste per day is being generated from Bangalore city. Studies reveal that there is no scientific treatment and disposal facility for scientific management of the waste generated. The waste from industries and community areas is disposed in an unscientific manner at several open dump sites across the city. There are more than 60 dump sites consisting of both municipal and industrial waste existing in and around Bangalore city; the locations are totally unhygienic. Based on the experience gained from field visits, physical observation of the waste disposed, quantity and nature of the waste disposed, each site was given with a grading based on polluting potential of the site. For selected sites, ground water samples were collected from nearby surface or bore wells and analysed for possible contamination. From the study, it was found that the site needed immediate attention and comes under severe impact category of 27 numbers and that of medium and low impact are 18 and 6 numbers, respectively. The disposal sites have got tremendous potential of spreading the epidemics/diseases to the people living in their immediate vicinity and at nearby places.

Anura V Kurpad – 2nd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • low anemia prevalence in school aged children in Bangalore south india possible effect of school health initiatives
    European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007
    Co-Authors: Sumithra Muthayya, Prashanth Thankachan, Michael B Zimmermann, Maria Andersson, Ans Eilander, D Misquith, Richard F Hurrell, Anura V Kurpad


    Low anemia prevalence in school-aged children in Bangalore, South India: possible effect of school health initiatives

Yuko Aoyama – 3rd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • from software services to r d services local entrepreneurship in the software industry in Bangalore india
    Environment and Planning A, 2006
    Co-Authors: Balaji Parthasarathy, Yuko Aoyama


    In this paper we analyze the emergence of R&D services in Bangalore, India, by focusing on the process of technological upgrading in the Indian software industry. The development trajectory of the Indian software industry and the upgrading it has experienced, from providing low-skill software services to providing high-skill R&D services, are examined using evidence from interviews with Indian firms in Bangalore. Whereas most research on the Indian software industry thus far has emphasized the role of the state and multinational corporations, in this paper we argue that active local entrepreneurship is playing an increasingly important role in technological upgrading and in the shift from low-skill to high-skill services in Bangalore. These shifts are being facilitated by growing institutional thickness, as evidenced by the accumulation of local expertise, increasing local entrepreneurship addressing specific market niches, and the development of a local technical community.