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Aerospace System

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Michael D Harrison – 1st expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • formal verification of a space System s user interface with the ivy workbench
    IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 2016
    Co-Authors: Jose Creissac Campos, M F Sousa, Miriam Bergue C Alves, Michael D Harrison


    This paper describes the application of the IVY workbench to the formal analysis of a user interface for a safety-critical Aerospace System. The operation manual of the System was used as a requirement document, and this made it possible to build a reference model of the user interface, focusing on navigation between displays, the information provided by each display, and how they are interrelated. Usability-related property specification patterns were then used to derive relevant properties for verification. This paper discusses both the modeling strategy and the analytical results found using the IVY workbench. The purpose of the reference model is to provide a standard against which future versions of the interface may be assessed.

Zhao Jipen – 2nd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Analysis of Design of Thin-wall Pressure Vessel to Aerospace System
    New Technology & New Process, 2020
    Co-Authors: Zhao Jipen


    The specification feature of Aerospace pressure vessel was analyzed in this paper,the structure design methods for metal pressure vessel were also discussed,The pressure vessel finite model was established by ANSYS software,the static analysis was done about the situation of working pressure and the critical outer pressure,the bucking model shape were obtained by eigen bucking finite element calculation,the natural frequency was obtained by mode analysis,the results showed that this pressure vessel can meet the requirements of Aerospace System.

Mark Lowenberg – 3rd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Nonlinear Robust Approaches to Study Stability and Postcritical Behavior of an Aeroelastic Plant
    IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2019
    Co-Authors: Andrea Iannelli, Andrés Marcos, Mark Lowenberg


    Two approaches to tackle the nonlinear robust stability problem of an Aerospace System are compared. The first employs a combination of the describing function method and μ analysis, while the second makes use of integral quadratic constraints (IQCs). The model analyzed consists of an open-loop wing’s airfoil subject to free play and linear time-invariant parametric uncertainties. The key steps entailed by the application of the two methodologies and their main features are critically discussed. Emphasis is put on the available insight on the nonlinear postcritical behavior known as limit cycle oscillation. It is proposed a strategy to apply IQCs, typically used to find absolute stability certificates, in this scenario, based on a restricted sector bound condition for the nonlinearity. Another contribution of this paper is to understand how the conservatism usually associated with the IQCs multipliers selection can be overcome by using information coming from the first approach. Nonlinear time domain simulations showcase the prowess of these approaches in estimating qualitative trends and quantitative response’s features.