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Aircraft Manufacture

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Roisin Mcconnell – 1st expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • maintaining design intent for Aircraft Manufacture
    Cirp Annals-manufacturing Technology, 2013
    Co-Authors: Mark Price, Trevor T Robinson, Danielle Soban, Adrian Murphy, Cecil Armstrong, Roisin Mcconnell


    Abstract Design and Manufacture of Aircraft requires deep multi-disciplinary understanding of system behaviour. The intention of the designer can get lost due to the many changes occurring to the product and the inability of the methods and tools used to capture it. Systems engineering and optimisation tools underpin industrial approaches to design, but are not without issue. The challenge is to find a route from concept to Manufacture which enables designers to maintain their original intent. The novelty in this work is that the parameterisation used to build the CAD model reflects the manufacturing capability, ensuring design intent is maintained from concept to Manufacture.

S Raghunathan – 2nd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • a proposition in design education with a potential in commercial venture in small Aircraft Manufacture
    Aircraft Design, 2000
    Co-Authors: A K Kundu, S Raghunathan


    Abstract Critical reviews made by various organisations on both sides of the Atlantic have identified the need for continuing changes in engineering teaching curriculum, emphasising inclusion of more intense design education to meet the requirements of industry. The concept of this paper outlines introducing design education within aerospace engineering in an integrated approach involving industries, universities, regional technical colleges and vocational institutes to produce a marketable ab initio trainer Aircraft. The task involves conceptual studies, design, analysis and testing of the Aircraft through course assignments. The Aircraft is to be certified and Manufactured by a participating industry also responsible for product liability. By combining the educational programmmes of university students and industrial apprentices, the bulk of manpower can be obtained free with quality of workmanship sufficient for prototyping (preproduction Aircraft) assured through strict supervision by experienced personnel from both academia and industry. An innovative management set-up, modelled as a ‘Virtual Company’, is proposed as an organisational structure to execute the project. The success of the proposition depends primarily on planning and co-ordination of the project. The crux of the progress hinges on the availability of hi-tech resources from industry and attitude changes in the teaching establishments. The benefits are the output from institutes who have acquired the analytical capabilities and trade skills along with the opportunities to acquire those traits of creative synthesis and judgement required by the industry, while producing a marketable product with no development cost to be amortised in the selling price (more than 15% price reduction possible).

Yang Guo-teng – 3rd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • The Application Survey of J-series Adhesives Used in Aircraft Manufacture
    Chemistry and Adhesion, 2020
    Co-Authors: Yang Guo-teng


    The components, application technology, uses, main performance and application evaluation of J-series adhesives used in our company are introduced. The J -series adhesives includes J -29 and J -118 foam adhesives, J -70 and J -122 corrosion resistant primer, J -71 and J -123 sandwich structure adhesives, J-116 adhesive film, J-160 one component modified epoxy adhesive, J-168 high-temperature resistant adhesive, J-185 room temperature curing fluorine rubber adhesive, J-189 polyurethane adhesive, J-190 polymer filling material, J-191 epoxy adhesive and J-192 adhesive. They have stable performance and can meet the needs of Aircraft Manufacture in our company.