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Aluminium Equipment

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  • Effective protection of Aluminium material by cathodic protection in chemical fertilizer factories
    Industrial Water Treatment, 2002
    Co-Authors: Li Hong


    An introduction of the corrosion problems and relevant corrosion mechanism of Aluminium Equipment in chemical fertilizer factories are given. Aiming at this tendency that chemical treatment can not completely control the corrosion parts of the water box for carbonization, cathodic protection is introduced in detail in order to protect the Aluminium Equipment. Explanations are given not only on the mechanism of cathodic protection but on its implementation scheme. Based on practical experiences,the calculation of the sizes of the Equipment and the protected areas, the arrangement of the cathode and anode, and the surface treatment and coating of the Equipment are emphasized. To verify the effectiveness of this method, the application efficacy of cathodic protectin is introduced especially in two aspects:intuitionistic effect and sample tests. The theory and practice prove that cathodic protection is an effective method for protecting Aluminium Equipment in chemical fertilizer factories.

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