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Richard Finn – 1st expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman World
    , 2020
    Co-Authors: Richard Finn


    The full-text of this book is not available in ORA, but you may be able to access it via the publisher copy link on this record page. Citation: Finn, R. O. P. (2009). Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman world. New York: Cambridge University Press

  • Asceticism in the graeco roman world
    , 2009
    Co-Authors: Richard Finn


    1. Introduction 2. Pagan Asceticism: cultic and contemplative purity 3. Asceticism in Hellenistic and Rabbinic Judaism 4. Christian Asceticism before Origen 5. Origen and his ascetic legacy 6. Cavemen, cenobites, and clerics 7. Conclusion.

Goffredo Bartocci – 2nd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • clinical psychological and personality correlates of Asceticism in anorexia nervosa from saint anorexia to pathologic perfectionism
    Transcultural Psychiatry, 2006
    Co-Authors: Secondo Fassino, Andrea Piero, Carla Gramaglia, Giovanni Abbate Daga, M Gandione, Giovanni Giacomo Rovera, Goffredo Bartocci


    This study investigated the personality and clinical correlates of Asceticism in 154 anorectic patients. Multiple linear regression models showed that Asceticism was related to angry temperament, high control over anger, perfectionism, maturity fears, and number of vomiting episodes per week. These results suggest that the self-discipline and hypercontrol of anorectic patients are related to a temperament prone to angry feelings in subjects with a fear of becoming adult and with a trait of pathologic perfectionism.

Elizabeth A Clark – 3rd expert on this subject based on the ideXlab platform

  • Scripture and Asceticism
    The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Biblical Interpretation, 2019
    Co-Authors: Elizabeth A Clark


    This chapter surveys some interpretative techniques employed by early Christian writers to encourage ascetic renunciation, especially renunciation of marriage and reproduction. These authors, gearing their messages to different audiences, sought to mine passages from both the Old Testament and the New to advance their cause. By use of different exegetical techniques (e.g. intertextual exegesis; appeal to ‘the difference in times’; ‘close reading’), they wrested ascetic meaning from often-recalcitrant scriptural passages. The chapter concludes with some examples of ascetic exegesis from Syrian authors.

  • contested bodies early christian Asceticism and nineteenth century polemics
    Journal of Early Christian Studies, 2009
    Co-Authors: Elizabeth A Clark


    This essay explores how two nineteenth-century writers who opposed the asceticizing aspects of the Oxford Movement and Roman Catholicism appealed to patristic writings. Anglican Isaac Taylor and Episcopalian Arthur Cleveland Coxe employed different rhetorical strategies: Taylor attempted to shock unsuspecting Christians about the “true” nature of Tractarian devotion to patristic Christianity, while Coxe, conversely, sought to explain away the Asceticism promoted by the Fathers and align early Christianity with nineteenth-century domesticity. Coxe, American editor of the Ante-Nicene Fathers series, advanced his cause by adding anti-Catholic footnotes and “elucidations” to the Fathers’ writings.

  • reading renunciation Asceticism and scripture in early christianity
    , 1999
    Co-Authors: Elizabeth A Clark


    Acknowledgments xi Abbreviation List xv CHAPTER ONE Introduction 3 CHAPTER TWO Asceticism in Late Ancient Christianity 14 Reading for Asceticism CHAPTER THREE Reading in the Early Christian World 45 CHAPTER FOUR The Profits and Perils of Figurative Exegesis 70 CHAPTER FIVE Exegetical and Rhetorical Strategies for Ascetic Reading 104 CHAPTER SIX Three Models of Reading Renunciation 153 Rejection and Recuperation: The Old Dispensation and the New CHAPTER SEVEN From Reproduction to Defamilialization 177 CHAPTER EIGHT From Ritual to Askesis 204 CHAPTER NINE The Exegesis of Divorce 233 Reading Paul CHAPTER TEN I Corinthians 7 in Early Christian Exegesis 259 CHAPTER ELEVEN From Paul to the Pastorals 330 Afterword 371 Bibliograpky 375 Select Index of Biblical Passages 401 Select General Index 409