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Ima Yu Wulandari – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

    , 2010
    Co-Authors: Ima Yu Wulandari

    Various theme lifted by sinetron in order to drawing audience enthusiasm and generate emulation with other sinetron. this to Such emulation sharply cause industry of sinetron running out of of idea to chosen interesting themes, so that take short cut of mencontek display foreignly. yielded Sinetron have plagiarizing element with his original film. Intention of this research is (1) To know how big plagiarizing element in sinetron ” OLIVIA”film to “SHE’S THE MAN”. (2) To know scene­scene any kind of showing plagiarizing in sinetron ” OLIVIA” to film ” SHE’S THE MAN”. Imitating is the part of process learn, and even imitate this have been started by when age children still us early, swiftly Accept Message (Message) in their brain from what them see and hear. Plagiarizing is to make product which loo like (unegual precisely) with its genuiness then in giving name / merk differ, while ploughing is to make product which precisely is equal to its genuiness and is later; then given by name is same merk also. Data which is taken in this research is primary data and data of sekunder. As primary data is equality value / looking like in displaying ” Olivia” to film ” She’s The Man”, perceived by conducting record­keeping to looking like categorys which implied in olivia sinetron. While as data of sekunder obtained to through bibliography study, data obtained from books, literature, newspaper, and also materials written is other. This research use content analysis. Data which is gathered in research, it is of course require to be compiled and presented. Presentation of data conducted by compiling alternately and mentioned by its frequency each, or more knowledgeable with frequency distribution term. Pursuant to research which have is to be obtained by the following result: Tendency of plagiarizing in sinetron ” Olivia” to film ” She’S The Man” is pursuant to category: (1) Story 16,78% (2) scene 26,57% (3) dialogued 22,38% (4) setting 34,27%. Later;Then scene showing the existence of plagiarizing element here can be Seen by most uppermost scene is scene 4 episode 2 that is at category of setting football field.

Hyunsook Kim – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • server for control plane at mobile communication network and method for controlling local ip access service
    , 2010
    Co-Authors: Taehyeon Kim, Laeyoung Kim, Hyunsook Kim

    Disclosed is a method of controlling a LIPA (Local IP Access) service in a server taking charge of the control plane within a mobile communication network. The method of controlling a LIPA service may include receiving an initial Message from Home (e)NodeB. The initial Message may include at least one of LIPA related information and capability information. The LIPA related information may include at least one of APN (Access Point Name) for LIPA and information for a local gateway, and the capability information may include an indicator indicating whether the Home (e)NodeB supports a LIPA function, and the initial Message may include an access request Message by a terminal. The method of controlling a LIPA service may further include determining whether the terminal can use a LIPA service at the Home (e)NodeB by considering at least one of the LIPA related information within the initial Message, the capability information within the initial Message, and subscriber information of the terminal, upon receiving the initial Message; storing a result of the determination; generating an access Accept Message including an indicator indicating whether the terminal can use a LIPA service at the Home (e)NodeB; and transmitting an initial setup Message including the generated access Accept Message to the Home (e)NodeB.

Deng Pin-dong – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Design of PC and PLC Communication Program
    Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology, 2007
    Co-Authors: Deng Pin-dong

    Serial communications between PC and PLC are introduced in this paper.Inferior PLC is in charge of field data acquisition and real-time control,while superior computer displays a human-computer interface using higher-level language.When working,PC operates VB monitor interface,and manages PLC and the motor.PLC is used mainly to acquire information,to control and to Accept Message of the motor as well as the system.Part of the program design of PC and PLC communication is given.Finally,a simple running demonstration is made.