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Wang Guo – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • The Inter-Record Method and AnalyticRecord Method in Ancient Chinese Booklist Record
    Journal of Zhengzhou University, 2002
    Co-Authors: Wang Guo

    There are two Record methods in ancient Chinese booklist Record, i.e. inter Record method and Analytic method . The book List Record of Hundreds of Books by the advanced scholars in Ming dynasty is an earliest book list written with Analytic method, meanwhile, as well as with Analytic method.Both Qi Cheng and Zhang Xuecheng explained that the purposes of inter Record method and Analytic method were different; the former was convenient for indexing literature, while the latter was convenient for seeking the source of the literature. Inter-Analytic Record method is bred by the whole concept of Chinese culture and is the result grown at the time when the Chinese bibliography develops to a certain stage. As a good auxiliary method of the literature Record, inter-Analytic Record method has the value convenient for both seeking the resource of the literature and indexing it.

Zhai Hui – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • On the Value and Influence of Shen Deqian’s “The Analytic Record of Poems of the Qing Dynasty”
    Journal of Shanxi Datong University, 2011
    Co-Authors: Zhai Hui

    “The Analytic Record of Poems of the Qing Dynasty”,written by Shen Deqian,aroused fierce arguments among poetry critics through the history.These critics held different views on the this Record,whether approving or criticizing.One reason is that they,from different dynasties,lived in different social,political and cultural environments.The other is probably that they differed in personalities,social status,cultural accomplishments,poetic origins,poetic interests,poetic ideas,poetic schools as well as their outlooks on life.This Record shows us the overall outlook of the development of poetry,and the characteristics of each poetry schools in the early and middle Qing Dynasty.It covers many unpublished works by some great poets,as well as some unknown poets.It saved enormous valuable literary materials.Therefore,it has great value both in literary and literature.It’s not only a poetry collection of the early and middle Qing Dynasty,but also a work of great importance in poetry criticism.Thus,this is a Record abundant in poetic thoughts.Shen Deqian,who appreciated the poets in the way of criticizing,showed his poetic values.This Record has had a far-reaching influence on the following generations in many ways,such as collection compling and literary acquisition.

John F. Gaski – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • For Sport Journalists to Count and Report Major Championships in Golf: Per Coherent Definition and Conventional Classification, Nicklaus Has 20 Majors
    International Journal of Sport Communication, 2020
    Co-Authors: John F. Gaski

    Over the past 3 decades or so, some variation and revision have been introduced into the Recording, reporting, and interpretation of the prime historical benchmark of individual golf achievement: number of established major tournaments won. In the interest of accuracy, consistency, and even equity, some Analytic Record-keeping suggestions are proffered here, based on coherence and logic, toward presenting the history of golf’s major championships in the fairest possible way. Idiosyncrasies of that historical sequence mean that the resolution is not obvious and more taxonomic work remains to be done. However, acceptance of the principles and conventions proposed herein may move the golf history culture and even basic golf chronicling closer to advantageous closure. One competitive implication of this reanalysis applies, significantly, to the total of “majors” won by historical greats Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, and Tiger Woods.

Wang Hong-lin – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • On the Poetical Views of Analytic Record of Poems of the Qing Dynasty and the Controversy between the School of Pattern Creed and the School of Disposition
    Journal of Nanyang Normal University, 2009
    Co-Authors: Wang Hong-lin

    The poetical views of Shen Deqian’s Analytic Record of Poems of the Qing Dynasty were bothadvocating Poetic Moralization and the pro-Tang and de-Song inclination.Yuan Mei criticized the views.He considered that poetry should display true feelings and the technique of expression should blaze new trails.He was against not only keeping one’s feelings within the bounds of poetic moralization but also distinguishing between good and bad poetries by times.The difference in Shen Deqian and Yuan Mei’s poetical views was a reflection of the fundamental discrepancies between the School of Pattern Creed and the School of Disposition.

Anthony J. Schimizzi – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Enhancement of Research Library Print Material Through the Use of Component Cataloging: An OCLC User’s Perspective
    Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 2004
    Co-Authors: Anthony J. Schimizzi

    ABSTRACT In respect to the bibliographic elaboration of papers and articles contained within scholarly books and journal issues, research and academic libraries need to re-examine carefully the potential benefits in control, stability, and access that the component cataloging (in-Analytic) Record offers local computerized catalogs. If applied in a judiciously selective manner or combined with a cooperative effort among institutions, in-analysis can prove to be a useful supplement to the legally restrictive and sometimes less-than-comprehensive products of commercial bibliographic databases.