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Bearing Rating

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Daeyi Jung – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • a comparative study on primary Bearing Rating life of a 5 mw two blade wind turbine system based on two different control domains
    Energies, 2019
    Co-Authors: Daeyi Jung


    Recently, the importance of individual pitch control (IPC) capability in wind turbine systems has been emphasized to achieve the desired power performance and mitigate the aerodynamic imbalance load for the mechanical integrity. Compared to collective pitch control (CPC), which assigns identical pitch angles for all employed blades, IPC is capable of geneRating other various sets of pitch angles to manipulate the aerodynamic load. Thus, the mechanical elements of wind turbine systems may take advantages from this variation, which allows wind turbines to have lighter designs and longer lifetimes. One of the essential mechanical components in the wind turbine is a primary Bearing supporting the blades–rotor–shaft unit, which has not been fully investigated yet among the structural elements in the wind turbine system. In this regard, this research focuses on predicting the Bearing life span of a NACA64-A17 two-blade 5-MW wind turbine system for the domains of allowable individual pitch angles by IPC. In particular, under the effect of various wind speeds, a Bearing life span was determined based on the average value of load cases—satisfying both appropriate power level and the allowable domain of pitch control angles, which were possibly conveyed by IPC—and the result was compared with the Bearing life predicted based on the domain of pitch angles, as generated by the CPC strategy. Consequently, in the ranges of high wind speeds, it was found that the average applied load to the Bearing is reduced under the domain of the IPC-based pitch angle, resulting in possibly increasing the life span of the Bearing. With the presented results, it is hoped that this work will provide important insights for those that majorly concern designing the primary Bearing of the IPC-based wind turbine system.

Yan Liming – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • analysis and calculation of viscosity ratio κ in Bearing Rating life calculation
    Bearing, 2010
    Co-Authors: Yan Liming


    Combined with ISO 281: 2007,the great influence of viscosity ratio κ on Bearing Rating life calculation through aISO is discussed,vague description on the preconditions for the calculation of κ is clarified.Upon calculation and analysis,viscosity ratio κ should be calculated by the ratio of viscosity for super finishing contact surfaces and moderate Bearing running speed and load,otherwise,it should be calculated by oil film parameter.

Jae-hwa Kang – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Analytical Prediction of Bearing Life and Load Distribution for Plugin HEV
    Journal of the Korean Society of Manufacturing Process Engineers, 2012
    Co-Authors: Qi Zhang, Jae-hwa Kang


    The transportation is almost dependent on a single fuel petroleum with transportation energy dilemma. Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV) technology holds more advantages on efficiency improvements for petroleum consumption at the transportation. And Bearing is recognized as the important component of gearbox. Gearboxes for HEV transmission have been ensured the highest reliability over some years in withstanding high dynamic loads. At the same time, the demands of lightweight design and cost minimization are required by thought-out design, high-quality material, superior production quality and maintenance. In order to design a reliable and lightweight gearbox, it is necessary to analyze Bearing Rating life methods between standard and different Bearing companies with calculation methods for modification factors. In this paper, the influence of life time of Bearings will be pointed out. Bearing contact stress and load stress distribution of HEV gearbox are obtained and compared with Romaxdesigner and BearinX. And the unequal wear of the left Bearing for the gearbox intermediate shaft is investigated between simulation and test.