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Agency Operation

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Sobukwe Odinga – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

Xu Zhong-shen – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • On Building Competitive Advantage of the E-commerce AgencyOperation
    Journal of Beihua University, 2014
    Co-Authors: Xu Zhong-shen

    The E-commerce AgencyOperation has been an important power to push the traditional industry to apply E-commerce technology,which service range covers the whole Operation procedure of E-commerce. In order to improve the service ability of E-commerce AgencyOperation,we can use the NetOffer modes and the competitiveness theory of Michael E. Poter to build the competitiveness of E-commerce AgencyOperation from several aspects,such as core service,user interface,convenience services and support services. During the actual process of building,the first one is relying the E-commerce platform to build a customer-oriented service system that not only can max the customer’s value,but also can facilitate traditional industry and lower the Operation cost of traditional industry. The other way is building a customized,integrated,precise industry-specific service system according to the features of different industries.

  • The Research on the Construction of the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service System on the Basis of SOA
    Journal of Harbin University of Commerce, 2014
    Co-Authors: Xu Zhong-shen

    During their Operation,the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service providers face the problem that fail to meet the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service demander. Using the SOA theory,the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service providers can optimize the existing services process,implement a new process with the sequence of demand analysis,services resolution,resources find and integration,build a service system including interface layer,core functions layer,business process layer,service layer and resources layer. After that,the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service providers will reach a stable and flexible relationship with the E-commerce AgencyOperation Service demander regardless the changing of industry.

  • E-commerce Agency Operation Competitiveness Evaluation System Based on Back Propagation
    Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology, 2013
    Co-Authors: Xu Zhong-shen

    Competitiveness of enterprises refers to their abilities to provide customers effectively with products or services in business Operation.It determines an enterprise’s market position and development potential.Based on an analysis to the elements of competitiveness in E-commerce Agency Operation,this paper further separates the elements into 22indicators.It proceeds to evaluate the competitiveness of E-commerce Agency operators on the basis of background propagation(BP)model,and this helps them to know themselves better and adjust business Operations according to the market demand.In this way,E-commerce Agency operators can provide better services for traditional enterprises.

Li Hong – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

Zhao Li-min – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Market Rationality for the Operation of Travel Agency Branches and Their Harmony with Current Statutes
    Journal of Hainan Normal University, 2009
    Co-Authors: Zhao Li-min

    With an all-round opening up to the outside world,the Operation of travel agencies will be computerized and conducted on a large scale in order to face up to the increasingly intense market competition. In view of the common Operation of travel agencies on a strange land in our tourist industry,this paper discusses the market rationality for and institutional obstacles to travel Agency Operation in nine aspects,and proposes that Operational activities of nationwide travel agencies should be standardized and legalized so as to quickly increase the number of travel Agency branches in domestic markets and to enable our travel agencies to be competitive by being computerized and operating on a large scale.

Yu Shao-hua – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.