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Mariapia Mendola – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Agricultural Technology adoption and poverty reduction: A propensity-score matching analysis for rural Bangladesh
    Food Policy, 2007
    Co-Authors: Mariapia Mendola

    This study aims at shedding some light on the potential impact of Agricultural Technology adoption on poverty alleviation strategies. It does so through an empirical investigation of the relationship between technological change, of the Green Revolution type, and wellbeing of smallholder farm households in two rural Bangladeshi regions. As Technology adoption is not randomly assigned but there is ‘self-selection into treatment’, the paper tackles a methodological issue in assessing the ‘causal’ effect of Technology on farm-household wellbeing through the non-parametric ‘p-score matching analysis’. It pursues a targeted evaluation of whether adopting a modern seed Technology causes resource-poor farmers to improve their income and decrease the propensity to fall below the poverty line. It finds a robust and positive effect of Agricultural Technology adoption on farm household wellbeing suggesting that there is a large scope for enhancing the role of Agricultural Technology in ‘directly’ contributing to poverty alleviation. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sanzidur Rahman – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • environmental impacts of modern Agricultural Technology diffusion in bangladesh an analysis of farmers perceptions and their determinants
    Journal of Environmental Management, 2003
    Co-Authors: Sanzidur Rahman

    Farmers’ perception of the environmental impacts of modern Agricultural Technology diffusion and factors determining such awareness were examined using survey data from 21 villages in three agro-ecological regions of Bangladesh. Results reveal that farmers are well aware of the adverse environmental impacts of modern Agricultural Technology, although their awareness remains confined within visible impacts such as soil fertility, fish catches, and health effects. Their perception of intangible impacts such as, toxicity in water and soils is weak. Level and duration of modern Agricultural Technology adoption directly influence awareness of its adverse effects. Education and extension contacts also play an important role in raising awareness. Awareness is higher among farmers in developed regions, fertile locations and those with access to off-farm income sources. Promotion of education and strengthening extension services will boost farmers’ environmental awareness. Infrastructure development and measures to replenish depleting soil fertility will also play a positive role in raising awareness.

Gao Qiang – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • Realization of Property Rights,Compensation Mechanism and Agricultural Technology Extension
    Issues in Agricultural Economy, 2010
    Co-Authors: Gao Qiang

    Now there are many problems exist in china’s current Agricultural Technology extension,which affecting the role of Agricultural Technology to play.The trading of Agricultural Technology including substantive element and non-substantive element,incomplete trading of non-substantive element resulted in the incomplete property rights.The mathematical modemodel analysis showed that incomplete property rights reduce rural households’ Agricultural income,put negative impact on the Agricultural Technology extension.The construction of a reasonable compensation mechanism is helpful to reduce the negative impact of incomplete property rights trading.Through the micro-level oversight to promote Technology suppliers to fulfill contract,the construction of Agricultural cooperation organization in Meso-level and government support for Agricultural Technology promotion in Macro-level,we can effectively promote the implementation of property rights transactions of Agricultural Technology and enhance the effect of Agricultural Technology.

  • Agricultural Technology Popularization System Innovation with Cooperative as Carrier
    Journal of Qingdao Agricultural University, 2009
    Co-Authors: Gao Qiang

    With the rapid development of farmers professional cooperatives,its advantages have increasingly arisen in organizing farmers’ production,increasing farmers’ income,promoting Agricultural Technology popularization,improving rural social service.However,as the market economy gets increasingly perfect and farmers professional cooperative has increased its demand for new Technology and new information,China’s government-orientated Agricultural Technology popularization service organization has faced up to fierce challenge.Due to the special advantage of cooperative,it can help to build non-governmental Agricultural Technology popularization system.To do this,government should spend more efforts supporting and guiding cooperative,establish social joint popularization mechanism linked by cooperative,give a full play of leverage to collaboration of school and cooperative,build up the popularization concept of cooperative participation and develop all-dimensional Agricultural Technology popularization service with cooperative as its carrier.

Pan Qing-zhong – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • The Comprehensive Analysis of Shandong Agricultural Technology Progress Level
    , 2009
    Co-Authors: Pan Qing-zhong

    To provide a reference for the government by knowing about the Agricultural Technology progress level of Shandong province,Choosing 8 targets,using principal compcomponent analysis to elevate the Agricultural Technology progress level of Shandong province.In conclusion,agri-cultural Technology progress level of Shandng is unbalanced and has obvious regional characteristics.Government should help each other to improve economic,and educate labor people,and improve the Shandong Agricultural Technology progress level.

Niu Tian-hua – One of the best experts on this subject based on the ideXlab platform.

  • The Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Technology Progressive Level in Shandong Province
    Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2009
    Co-Authors: Niu Tian-hua

    Choosing 8 evaluation indexes which reflected the Agricultural Technology progress,based on the section data from Statistical Yearbook of Shandong Province in 2005,the Agricultural Technology progressive levels in Shandong Province were synthetically evaluated by using Principal compcomponent analysis.The result showed that Agricultural Technology progressive levels in Shandong Province were imbalance,western area was lower than eastern area,and it has obvious provincial characteristics.